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Monster bash

May 25, 2013

The 5th anniversary of Age of Conan is on-going right now – which includes the new feature of major monster attacks in various places in Hyboria. It is pretty fun and is increasing in activity and intensity each day.

Vistrix lookalike attacking Tarantia

Vistrix lookalike attacking Tarantia

The whole event is ongoing for 5 days, started on Thursday the 23rd. During the first day one monster, the dragon above, started attacking in different areas of Tarantia (Noble District and Commons District), i.e. mid- and high-level areas. For day 2 on Friday, the Kraken started to attack in the harbour in Khemi – and the dragon continues to attack as well.

On Saturday, a big Ice Worm started to appear in some places in Cimmeria (Eiglophian Mountains & Ymir’s Pass), with the other two fellows continuing their attacks. Two additional monsters are supposed to be added to this gang on Sunday and Monday, with all five of them going wild on Monday.

Kraken attacking in Khemi harbour

Kraken attacking in Khemi harbour

If a player is nearby when the monster is defeated, they get a mission to go visit a story-teller, just outside Tarantia. If one tells this story-teller about the monster slaying, he will give you a box with a reward. This box contains some random reward. Most of the time it is just some kind of “social” effect (e.g. icy trail when running), but sometimes the rewards can be more valuable.

Zelmira, my Herald of Xotli, have been in 3 different fights so far and got the social effect drops in two cases and an epic armor piece in one case. Much better item than anything I had before, so that was a most welcome reward!

Yahkmar body double messing around in Eiglophian Mountains

Yahkmar body double messing around in Eiglophian Mountains

Funcom (Joel Bylos) has also stated that as the event progresses, the chance for good rewards will increase each day. Too bad I am out of town on Monday, although will hopefully have a bit of time on Sunday to play as well. Even if I possibly may not be able to do any more monster fights and there has been some issues around this; overall I think it has been a fairly good event. Quite nice idea!

Hopefully something like this will be back in some form later, at least during next anniversary – perhaps with an additional monster then ? (6 monsters for 6th anniversary)

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