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Champions Online end of beta event

August 24, 2009

The open beta of Champions Online ends today and with that comes a special event; Millenium City is attacked by Destroid robots. This includes hordes of smaller robots, and the occasional Mega-Destroid – giant robots attacking the city. And who can resist giant robot attacks?🙂

Mr Mega-Destroid pops in

Mr Mega-Destroid pops in

All characters that were able to travel to Millenium City (i.e. any that had gone past the newbie zones) could be raised to level 40 and equip themselves with full sets of powers, talents etc. And then it was just to head into battle!

In between the Megas, the smaller Destroids had to be dealt with

In between the Megas, the smaller Destroids had to be dealt with

During my 2 hour session there were not really any significant dead moment, there were pretty much always some attacks going on. The whole exercise with slotting some good power options was a quick&dirty exercise for me and a crash course in what powers I had selected. There were both some cool stuff in there and some parts that felt a bit disappointing, or rather I was not quite sure of the results.


But overall it was a lot of fun and it was great to see a lot of different superheroes in all forms and shapes – people certainly do not lack fantasy… I managed to play with two of my characters, participated in taking down 4 Mega-Destroids and annoy a 5th one and take down perhaps 100-200 smaller ones. A nice end of beta event. There were apperntly some glitches in the beginning and the servers were down for a while, but that was before I jumped in for my evening’s heroic deeds.


The event will still go on for about 9 more hours when I write this, but it is time to get to bed and go to work in the morning. Overall I think the open beta has been a positive experience with the game for me and I will be there again when the gates open on the 28th for the pre-order crowd. I have a bunch of costumes saved and some idea of powers I like, although I have certainly not tried out all powersets yet. But I am an altoholic, so I will have a bunch of characters anyway. Thanks to Cryptic for this and I hope the game will work out well.

...and stay down!

...and stay down!

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  1. Hambone Hamlet
    August 25, 2009 at 00:39

    nice screenshots, alot of action going on. I am still not sold on this game but I did have fun in beta.

  1. August 26, 2009 at 13:51
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