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Elementary, my dear Nelson

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The title is the name for my newest story arc in City of Heroes/Villains. Some of the previous arcs have been a bit longer and to some extent relied on clues to tell the details. This one has been intentionally created to be quite short and not rely much on clues – they are just there to clarify some details, but should not be necessary. Mission dialog text has also been kept a bit shorter than some of the other arcs.

Elementary, my dear Nelson - story arc

Elementary, my dear Nelson - story arc

I am fairly happy with the outcome, given some limitations of the Mission Architect system. Testing and tuning takes a lot of time. So some of the improvements introduced in Issue 15, currently in beta, should make life a bit easier in this regard.

The first idea to some parts of the story came from the Valérian & Laureline comic books Métro Châtelet, Direction Cassiopeia and Brooklyn Station, Terminus Cosmos. Unfortunately not even the City of Heroes character creator can come close to the special creatures found in that story, but they served well as inspiration. So did also the conflict, but that was completely changed to fit more into the City of Heroes canon.

Elementary, my dear Nelson - story arc

Elementary, my dear Nelson - story arc

Inspired by the updates that is currently in Issue 15 beta for City of Heroes/Villains, I have added keywords and status fields to my Mission Architect Story Arc page. For me status Final means that I still am interested in comments, but not likely to make anything but small changes to the story arcs. Status Looking for Feedback means for me it is good enough for others to play it properly, but could potentially get some rewrites – in particular based on constructive criticism.

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