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Adventures in Skysong

July 3, 2009

Yesterday I was adventuring a bit with Shaden, my Lupin, in Skysong. Lupin is the assasin/rogue-like faction in Jade Dynasty, providing the high damage melee, in part due to high rate of critical hits. The weapon of choice is a glaive, which she happily throws at the enemies like a bumerang at short range.

The bulk of the quests in Skysong seemed to dry up for me in low/mid-30s (a zone for level 30-44). While grinding mobs or doing repeatable quests are definitely a part of the PvE gameplay I was not too keen on this. However I did manage to find a few other quest givers which I talked to. One was the local Esper Mystic. He gave me a Voyage Quest, so I expected a bit of fedex/travelling. He did not disappoint in that, but he did provide some twists to it.

We are all clones...Lupin female outfits; to the left for level 30, to the right for level 15. No deviations, unless you buy expensive fashion outfits from the game shop

We are all clones...Lupin female outfits; to the left for level 30, to the right for level 15. No deviations, unless you buy expensive fashion outfits from the game shop

The devious Esper Mystic

First quest was a about to find a certain guy and get back within a certain time limit (5 minutes each way), which was straightforward. This then followed by quests to kill 30 mobs and to get a certain drop from another type of mob. Pretty standard business. At this point he must have thought “what a noob, he will do anything I say” and then he gave me the final quest.

And here his devious little mind had started plotting. It was a delivery quest, same guy as before but now only 3 minutes. I had not timed the previous one, but I suspected there was not so much margin here. Luckily I have a short-time speed buff, so my plan was to kick that in right at the start and then probably save a few seconds on the time running.

So I took ,the quest, buffed, and started running. And then I looked at my health bar and saw that it was quickly dropping down! Before I had kicked in a health potion I was dead and the quest had failed. I must admit that I did not read the last part of the quest text in detail, so there might have been a warning there – I don’t know. I was just focused on running fast.

Trying to talk to the sadis…Esper Mystic again he was very happy to offer the quest again, from the very beginning… I was not too keen to try again today, so I contemplated whether it was possible to find a finger emote and then started to look for other things to do.

Guardian of the South

A guy called Guardian of the South was indicated in the main SkySong area that he had some kind of quest. This got me interested since from time to time one could see messages broadcasted throughout the world that “player XXXX has completed all the quests of Guardian of the South/North/West/East and was rewarded with huge amounts of Experience“. So perhaps some decent reward that would give some new and interesting views and perhaps a level increase.

Fighting the first boss of the Guardian's hit list

Fighting the first boss of the Guardian's hit list

Mr Guardian’s task was that he wanted me to kill 7 baddies and not just any baddies, but certain named ones and within a timeframe of a bit more than 2 hours. Each one was given one by one and contrary to other quests, there was auto-routing to find the guy. Instead a rough description in which part of the zone he might be found was given.

Heading out in search for those bad guys it was not too difficult to find a guy that was standing out in the crowd (a human in a crowd of bear and bird like mobs do stand out…).

On to attack the first one, Jinmu Elk, it turned out that he was no push-over. Not that he did much damage, but he seemed to have a huge pool of hit points. It took a number of minutes to break him down. He quite literally dropped a huge pile of loot, perhaps 20-30 items. Immediately the next baddie on the list came up and a rough description that he might be in some other area of the zone.

And so the search continued. I took a bit of search to find each guy and in some cases there were also other people jumping in and hitting. I think the huge pool of hit points is just so that it can encourage people who are on the same quests to help and do kill him together. And they all dropped huge piles of loot.

Glaive throwing is a popular pastime among the Lupins

Glaive throwing is a popular pastime among the Lupins

At the time I was on the fourth guy on the list and had found him (was a sneaky one), I was beating him up together with another and was almost done, when he suddenly vanished! I spent about 10 minutes running around in the vicinity trying to find him without success. Then by chance I had a look at the event calendar. Jade Dynasty has a number of “event quests” in which you can get special rewards, like taichi pills. Taichi pills turn themselves into XP and they scale with the level of the character, so the percentage of a level gained is supposedly the same.

...and todays events are...

...and todays events are...

In this case I noticed the “Astral Tales” event and saw that this was the quest from the Guardian. I also saw that it was only running in a two hour time frame and that this had ended about 10 minutes ago… So the vanished boss was explained. This was not reflected in the actual quest though, who had its own timer running with almost 1 1/2 hour left. Lesson learned, next time plan when to try to help the Guardian.


The “event quests” seem to be a nice change from the regular “kill lots of mobs” quests and the ones that can be completed seem to give pretty good rewards. Another event which consisted of 3 pretty simple tasks and 3 x 5 minutes of waiting gave taichi pills that boosted about 40% of a level, which was pretty nice.


I also noted that I had ended up in Hall of Excellence, which is basically a number of top lists for various aspects of the game. My contribution here was to get a spot for contributing to Lupin Honor, for which I was rewarded an Honor Gem. These gems can be traded in for high-quality gear at faction agents. I am not sure at which point I will receive another gem if I stay on the list, but it was a nice thing I did not expect.

Woohoo, I am on a top list...

Woohoo, I am on a top list...

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