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A visit to the Athenaeum

December 23, 2008

In Chronicles of Spellborn my trickster has died in combat once. Most of the deaths has been through other means, including game crash, AFK and exploration.

Before the 1.0.1 update I had a crash while running down a street which resulted in both my death and double loss of PEP (from 2 to 0). After the update though I did have another crash in the middle of a combat. I pretty much expected to log back in to a report that I had died and lost some PEP, but it turned out that neither were I dead nor any PEP had been lost! Apparently there has been some improvement that did detect the crash properly and aborted the combat in time. Good work Spellborn!

In my visit to Quarterstone I received a quest to travel to The Athenaeum if I wanted to learn more about the past. This was a bit intriguing so since I were on the Parliament shard I headed towards the Hawksmouth docks to jump on a shard ship. Some domestic issues needed a couple of minutes attention though, so I decided to park my trickster near a guard tower and go AFK, hoping that the guards would provide some protection for the wildlife.
Returning back a couple of minutes later I was greeted with a “You have died” screen… Looking at the combat logs it seemed that something with fangs had taken a couple of bites, enough to provide a terminal condition. Apparently the guards were not much help or did not care. This certainly brought back memories from some older games, were going AFK seldom were safwe anywere except perhaps in cities,e ven in PvE games. This seems to be the case here also. Lesson learned the –PEP way!

From the Hawksmouth docks I took a shard ship to the Atenaeum, again travelling with the crew, since that was free (25 silver for a cabin). Not long after departure we were attacked, this time by a bunch or razoreels. They were level 10 as opposed to by previous level 5 pirate encounter, so there is some kind of scaling up of the encounters it seems.

At the Athenaeum docks

At the Athenaeum docks

The Athenaeum is apprently a small rocky shard that was pointed out by The Oracle where to find. It contains some old ruins and there are some archeological teams there to try to uncover the secrets of this place.
Some has already been uncovered and as a rogue I am sent further to an area where The Vaults are located in order to face some challenges.
About halfway from the docks below to The Vaults

About halfway from the docks below to The Vaults

This one place I leanred that exploration can be dangerous – just because one can walk down a pathj, it does not mean that one can walk back up the same way… I followed a path that lead to a dead end, a steep cliff. Trying to turn back I discovered that it was easier said that done. After a couple of attempts to try to find a working path back up I apparently slipped and fell down the cliff to make a splat (probably). That removed the last bit of PEP I had at that point…

Entrance to the Vaults area

Entrance to the Vaults area

After a bit more careful choice of paths I did arrive to the Vaults entrance area. I talked to one of the locals outside (I had been directed to give him a specific piece of jewelry) which said that he would provide a couple of challenges for me to face. The first challenge sent me into the Vaults area and a designated door inside. The challenges inside here are instanced and I think each player has to confront their challenges on their own.
Ok, up I think he said to find my vault

Ok, up I think he said to find my vault

I found the vault for my first challenge, which seemed to be a big area with a number of frozen or petrified ancient enemies. A quest giver appeared, presenting with some challenges to defeat the enemies (surprise, surprise :) ) in the area. He then defrosted a pair of enemies at a time. Initially this worked fine since the defrosted enemies did not initiate attack. This gave some time to rest to recover health fully. But at the third stage of the challenge the enemies started to attack immediately and there were no health recovery. So at that point I did not quite manage that stage and thus died and failed the challenge. I will try again later, but have to think a bit about how to handle the spiders, which caused a severe health loss for me, causing the crabs to kill me after the spiders were killed.

Time for some more enemy defrosting

Time for some more enemy defrosting

Despite the not expected PEP losses it was a good session and a neat place to visit, the Athenaeum.

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  1. Twanni
    December 23, 2008 at 17:51

    Yeah, guards aren’t NPC’s in the game. They’re actually coloured statues…

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